What’s up loves! I absolutely fell in love with this mermaid shimmer nail job done by @fiina_naillounge.


This definitely give me summer vibes! I am on a *HIGH ALERT* search for this color! If I find it, I will give it a try and let you all know how it goes!

If you aren’t following @fiina_naillounge yet, please do! They have nothing but *BOMB NAILS* on their page.

Later, Blake.

If you aren’t following @Fiina_NailLounge, you definitely should be!

There are so many *bomb nail* designs on her page! It’s like a nail haven!

white nails

Check out this white and gold “Royal Treatment” design.

I usually design my nails based off of season or based off of something going on in society. These nails look so classical and they look like designs found within historic churches. These nails definitely remind me that the Pope is in the U.S.!

White nails are my favorite because they just POP! The gold jewels are what top this design off. This design is also accented with a hint of coral pink, which is another one of my favorite colors.

This is such an elegant look that just screams “QUEEN”!!

I love trying new things at home! It’s the best way to have some fun in your spare time while learning a new skill! I came across this photo on OPI’s Instagram account with a hashtag #TutorialTuesday!


It’s such an elegant marble nail design! OPI offers a tutorial on how to do this classic look! Check it out HERE! So I decided to give it a try myself!


Not too bad for my first try! What I like about this design is that the lines do not have to be exactly straight. You can freestyle or remix this marble design any way you like! I decided to try the natural pink color instead of the white marble. This is a beginners design so anyone can do this! This was a lot of fun and it only took about 10 minutes to complete both hands!


Give it a try! Tag me in your photos on Instagram or Twitter @BlakeNolani! Let me know how this turns out for you!