Hey everyone!

This video is dedicated to my mom… I lost her in 2012 due to cancer and she’s always motivated me to never give up my love for fitness…

I’m starting a fitness vlog! I’m so excited to share details about how I lost 45-50 lbs in 2 months! I know I’m not perfect. My goal is to bring you an imperfect, real life video, unlike most youtube tutorials, reviews, etc. I’m just a normal girl who enjoys beauty and fitness.

I hope this vlog helps you in your fitness journey!

If you have any questions about fitness, hair, etc…. please leave them below!

***Positive vibes only***

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Hey everyone!

Some of you may or may not know that I am a huge health and fitness fan!

What sparked me getting in shape was auditioning for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks Cheerleading teams. In the end result, I did not make the teams, but I did successfully lose over 45 lbs. in 2 months!!!

Lately, my personal workout regimen has consisted of getting the booty more tone and round. The video displays only a few of the workouts that I do to tone and shape my legs and butt. These are some workouts that you can do at home. NO GYM REQUIRED. These can be done while watching TV or in your spare time! NO EXCUSES!

I offer group and personal training classes titled “PUSH Uncut” in the Atlanta area. PUSH stands for “Press Under Shaken Hardships”. Many of us have been through hardships where it makes us feel like we can’t workout. But we must PUSH through to see the best results and to achieve our BEST selves. When you PRESS or PUSH on something, it begins to change. We must PUSH ourselves to be GREAT.


 So far, the “BOOTY Boot Camp” has been successful! I will be offering more sessions ASAP.

More workout videos coming soon, so stay tuned! 😉

If you are in the Atlanta area and would like more information on personal training please email: pushuncut@gmail.com


I have received sooooo many questions as to how I stay in shape. Well, my goal is to try to workout at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes. The workouts that I do are high intensity workouts, which means there are NO BREAKS in between. But, with school starting, I don’t have as much time to workout as I would like. But here’s what helps me…


This is the Daily Workout App. It’s a FREE “Personal Trainer for a Quick Home Workout and Exercise Fitness Routine.”

What I love so much about this app is that you can workout anytime and any place. The only thing you may need are hand weights, depending on which exercise you choose to do.

This app offers workouts for abs, arms, butt, cardio, legs, or workouts for the full body. This is awesome because you can “target workout or spot train” by focusing on one aspect of the body.

This app also allows you to choose how long you want to workout. If you don’t have a lot of time, it allows you to choose between 5-8 minute workouts. Or if you have a good 30 minutes to workout, it allows you to do that as well.

This is an overall great app! I recommend it if you’re trying to stay fit, healthy, and it’s a great app for people on the go.

Play Store Daily Workout App for Android

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