Where are you spending your Saturday?
Well, I’m not at this place in the picture, but I would sure love to be. During my mornings I love to find quiet time to think, spend time with God, organize my life and thoughts 💭. This would just be a bomb place to do this! Take time today to journal to see where God leads you. Or even if it’s just some quiet time to yourself, you deserve it. 
Take care guys,

I came across these AMAZING Africa shaped pillows on Instagram.

They caught my eye because they are just so creative! I will be making the big move myself sometime soon and I would definitely love to have these in my new apartment.

These collectable items are from llulo.com! But they offer more items than just pillows. Check out these unique Africa inspired collectable items from llulo.com! Support Black businesses!

llulolullo2 lullo3 lullo4

Hey everyone!

I have missed you all so much!

I recently got a new job that took a lot of my time, so that’s the reason I haven’t been updating as often. But, I guess what guys!…… I am so excited. Just like I have invested in my website, I have invested in buying equipment to become a vlogger!



I often receive a lot of questions about my hair, nails, and makeup. I created my blog to share tips, secrets, and just to help women feel beautiful! But now, I will be sharing these “goodie bag” tips via vlogging! I feel that my readers/viewers can get a better sense and feel of exactly how my tips work through video rather than by text alone. My goal is to help people feel empowered and beautiful through my YouTube channel, and to share what I know so that I can help the next person, and so they can help the next person.

I will honestly admit that I am a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I am more so excited. Consistency is the key. I will be putting in a lot of work for this, as if it’s my full-time job. I hope you all enjoy. Please comment and let me know what you all would like to see. I’d love to know.

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There’s no by the book way to make art. These young black artist have caught my attention because they are just so dope! If you don’t follow them now, make sure they make it to your timeline!

Things like this make me excited because deep down, I’m a nerdy girl who likes art, video games, and cartoons. When I saw these, I was absolutely amazed. I probably visit their pages several times a day just because their artwork is so aesthetically pleasing. If you enjoy art, you should definitely do the same.

 1. @ashleighsharmaine


2. @citizins



3. @illustration315


Invest in yourself this year. Take the initiative yourself in your spare time to learn something different. Two things that I want to learn before June is…

1. How to speak semi-fluent Spanish

2. How to play Chess

Learning Spanish is self explanatory. The best way to learn a second language is by submerging yourself within the culture and surrounding yourself with the language. Watching movies, listening to music, apps, and holding small conversations are ways I plan to learn Spanish before June.

A friend once told me that the game of Chess is similar to the ways of life. You have to move your pieces wisely across the board, but always play several steps ahead. The correlation to life is magnificent. What better way to learn how to plan a few steps ahead by playing Chess? We all could go for it.
In what ways will you invest in yourself in 2016?


I hope everyone is doing wonderful… Just wanted to send a friendly reminder…

“Progress is progress no matter how small. Sometimes progress is your efforts, not your results.”




I just want to encourage everyone to keep pushing towards your goals. Do something everyday to get you closer! Baby steps!

Good Vibe$!