About Me


Blake Nolani’s Beauty Blog is more than just your ordinary beauty blog. It is an online resource for the latest trends in hair, nails, fashion, cool places in Atlanta, new findings, workout tips, and music.

Blake Nolani GVLD was inspired to start her blog due to the encouragement of strangers and friends in need of beauty, fashion, and fitness advice. Blake received so many questions as to how she achieved certain looks, so she decided to create a blog to share her secrets, tips, and opinions.

Blake Nolani GVLD’s mission is giving back to others and empowering people around the world. She aims to cater to everyone, but specifically to women of color, to show that African American women are beautiful and successful. She wants to inspire everyone to put God first, to have pure confidence within themselves, to be strong, and to never give up on their goals.