5 Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Write the vision, make it plain

Write down your goals and your visions. Post it on your wall. Look at them everyday until they show up! But I must say… *CLEARS THROAT*…. Nothing will happen without putting in work!!!!! You can make lists, plans and post pictures all day! But nothing will happen without putting energy into your goals. That car you want, print a picture and keep it before your eyes. Do everything to achieve that car. That house you want, keep it before your eyes! Prepare yourself to receive those things!

2. Confess what you want into your life

On top of writing the vision, you must confess the vision… “I will have that car… I will have that house…” SAY IT! You have what you say. That goes for anything.

3. Focusing on your own journey

Looking at habits of those who inspire you can be positive. There are people who have inspiring stories on how they “made it”. But, don’t ever compare yourself to them or to someone else’s journey. You have your own special journey. Know that and be okay with that. There’s only one you!

4. Ignore anything that tries to stop you daily

Ignore excuses. Plain and simple. They will come. Just get the work done. You goals don’t care about your problems.

5. Think about the “why”

Think about why you started in the first place. Think about the end result, but also enjoy the journey.

6. Rewarding yourself

Reaching your goal is your reward.




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