Dominican Blowout Relaxed ๐Ÿ’

Hey Loves! Just purchased a new unit and I had to share the details with you all!
This is the Outre Quick Weave “Dominican Blowout Relaxed” and I love this style. The hair is so soft and manageable. This is a half unit so I did have to leave some hair out in the front. 

The texture blends so well with my natural hair texture. But what I love about this unit are the pre-curled layers. I literally braided my hair down, took this unit out of the box, and it was ready to wear. No curling, cutting, styling at all needed! 

Dominican Blowout Relaxed Specs:

Type: Half

Color: #1B

Price: $22.39
Purchased at: Local beauty supply store

Combs: Yes

Adjustable Straps: Yes. I have my straps fastened
Snug Cap: Yes. Because I have a big head. (Wisdom lol)

Length: About 26 inches long. This wig does have layers that are pre-curled. 

Shedding: Yes, but not terrible for synthetic hair.

Tangling: Yes, again, it’s synthetic. Mild tangling. 

Full or Thin: Very full! I love it! It’s perfect. Not too full!

Heat Safe: Yesss. I wouldn’t recommend using irons over 300 degrees. No need to curl this hair. It already has curls in it. 

Blake Rate: 10!!! I rarely give units a 10 but this one really impressed me. It blends perfectly. It’s already curled, plus it has layers. This unit makes it look like you spent a lot of time doing your hair, when in reality it took 5 mins! I highly recommend this unit if you’re looking for something quick, BOMB, DOPE, and inexpensive! I’m in love! 

Hope you guys like it! If you have any questions just let me know! Love you all!


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