Where are you spending your Saturday?
Well, I’m not at this place in the picture, but I would sure love to be. During my mornings I love to find quiet time to think, spend time with God, organize my life and thoughts 💭. This would just be a bomb place to do this! Take time today to journal to see where God leads you. Or even if it’s just some quiet time to yourself, you deserve it. 
Take care guys,

Hey everyone!

This video is dedicated to my mom… I lost her in 2012 due to cancer and she’s always motivated me to never give up my love for fitness…

I’m starting a fitness vlog! I’m so excited to share details about how I lost 45-50 lbs in 2 months! I know I’m not perfect. My goal is to bring you an imperfect, real life video, unlike most youtube tutorials, reviews, etc. I’m just a normal girl who enjoys beauty and fitness.

I hope this vlog helps you in your fitness journey!

If you have any questions about fitness, hair, etc…. please leave them below!

***Positive vibes only***

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