Mission: SAVE YOUR EDGES! Half Wig No Leave Out

Hey guys! I wanted to show you all how I wear my curly half-wigs with no leave out.

The T-Method is something I came up with to do a full protective style using a curly half wig. I did the big chop a few years ago and I had no hair to use for the leave out. So I started doing this method and it worked! There are many reasons as to why we should give our edges a break. This is a good way to rest your leave out. Let me know if you try it!

-How can the T-Method help you?
-Do you think you’ll use the T-Method?
-Let’s share stories!
-Winner will be chosen randomly from comments section on YouTube and announced in a following video

I hope this helps someone!

Half Wig Used:
Outre Quick Weave – Amber
Color: #1B
Price: $17 (Purchased from local beauty supply store)
Length: 16-18 inches
***Outre Quick Weave Amber Review: https://youtu.be/FWSCuPdqjJA


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