Hey guys! I wanted to show you all how I wear my curly half-wigs with no leave out.

The T-Method is something I came up with to do a full protective style using a curly half wig. I did the big chop a few years ago and I had no hair to use for the leave out. So I started doing this method and it worked! There are many reasons as to why we should give our edges a break. This is a good way to rest your leave out. Let me know if you try it!

-How can the T-Method help you?
-Do you think you’ll use the T-Method?
-Let’s share stories!
-Winner will be chosen randomly from comments section on YouTube and announced in a following video

I hope this helps someone!

Half Wig Used:
Outre Quick Weave – Amber
Color: #1B
Price: $17 (Purchased from local beauty supply store)
Length: 16-18 inches
***Outre Quick Weave Amber Review: https://youtu.be/FWSCuPdqjJA

Outre Quick Weave Review – Amber

Amber Specs:

Type: Half Wig

Color: #1B

Price: $17!!!

Purchased at: Local beauty supply store

Combs: Yes

Adjustable Straps: Yes. My straps are fastened

Snug Cap: Yes. Maybe because I have a big head.

Length: 16-18 inches – Bangs around 8-10 inches

Shedding: Very minimal

Tangling: Not a lot. Minimal.

Full or Thin: Full and thin! It’s lightweight BIG hair! I love it!

Heat Safe: Not heat safe!

Blake Rate: 10! Amber is a really good synthetic wig. The “Amber” wig by Outre is one of my FAAAVs! It’s definitely my go-to wig when I’m in a crunch or just between hairstyles. Amber was only $17!!! Check out my next video on how to wear a half wig with no leave out!


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Later Loves


What’s up everyone! Here’s a video I did on how to put on a lace front wig. This was a highly requested video so I decided to go ahead and share my secrets! 🙂

In the video, I show you how to make two styles in one unit!

1. A Middle Part

2. A Side Part

The wig that I used was “Karissa” by Freetress Equal.

The wig is about $40 and I purchased it from my local beauty supply store.



*The secret to getting the wig to lay flat is to make your hair as flat as possible underneath. This is why I used the braiding technique. Corn-rowing your hair underneath is a better option, but I corn-row very slow and it would have taken longer to do. Braiding your hair underneath wigs also helps prevent any damage or breakage to your hair. This is called “protective styling”.

*It is good to use A LITTLE AMOUNT of oil between your braids. Just apply the oil LIGHTLY to your scalp. I like to use a stimulating growth oil. I say use VERY LITTLE oil because you do not want the oil to ruin the wig.

*Using a paddle brush to style the wig is key. I also use a spray called “Remi” to keep it from tangling. I will show you how to make wigs last longer, and how to keep them from tangling in a later video.

I hope this helps!



What’s up loves! I absolutely fell in love with this mermaid shimmer nail job done by @fiina_naillounge.


This definitely give me summer vibes! I am on a *HIGH ALERT* search for this color! If I find it, I will give it a try and let you all know how it goes!

If you aren’t following @fiina_naillounge yet, please do! They have nothing but *BOMB NAILS* on their page.

Later, Blake.