Boost Up!

Fashion Week fuses with hip hop as rap artist, now fashion mogul, Kanye West, premiered Season 2 of his YEEZY BOOST collection during New York Fashion Week.


 Yeezy’s Season 2 collection is a combination of

Adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts

Yeezy Hats

and Kanye West designed clothing.

Here’s where I start having mixed feelings about Yeezy’s Season 2 Line.

What I DO like about this line are the FLESH TONES. No matter what shade, these flesh tones give such a “bare-nude earth” appearance. These are some of my favorite colors to wear. Kanye finishes each look with layers, giving each model a versatile and unique style.


What I DO NOT like about Season 2 is… Well, let’s just say that I 100% agree with these Instagram memes…

FullSizeRender_1          FullSizeRender_3

Season 2 looks like promo for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens that comes out in December.  The only piece from the Season 2 collection that I would wear is probably the Yeezy hat.

But, what was cool was that the premiere was available for LIVE streaming at select theaters worldwide, with Atlanta at the top of its list.


There has been no set release date for the Season 2 line, but Yeezy is preparing everyone to “Boost Up”.


How do you feel about Yeezy’s Season 2 Collection? Take the poll below!


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