SummaTime Fine

So the summertime move was most definitely Box Braids.

I usually do these in the summer to give myself a break from doing my hair. Box Braids are a great protective style. This eliminates the everyday wear and tear that we may give our hair.



Braids always help my hair grow a very noticeable length. The key is to keep your box braids oiled.  I love using  Claudis St. James Braid Oil. You can buy this at any beauty supply store. This product is “old school”, but it works. It leaves my braids nice, shiny, and moisturized. The product can be a little oily, so I don’t use too much. I also use Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil in between the parts of my box braids. Any spray version of a leave in conditioner is also very good to use with this style.



I overall LOVE Box Braids during the summer! I also accent them by wearing classic GVLD hoop earrings and decking them out with the GVLD braid jewelry. I got the braid jewelry for $0.99 at a beauty supply store. I hope you’ve gotten the chance to try them, if not, do so! You’ll love it!




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