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There are so many *bomb nail* designs on her page! It’s like a nail haven!

white nails

Check out this white and gold “Royal Treatment” design.

I usually design my nails based off of season or based off of something going on in society. These nails look so classical and they look like designs found within historic churches. These nails definitely remind me that the Pope is in the U.S.!

White nails are my favorite because they just POP! The gold jewels are what top this design off. This design is also accented with a hint of coral pink, which is another one of my favorite colors.

This is such an elegant look that just screams “QUEEN”!!

Fashion Week fuses with hip hop as rap artist, now fashion mogul, Kanye West, premiered Season 2 of his YEEZY BOOST collection during New York Fashion Week.


 Yeezy’s Season 2 collection is a combination of

Adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts

Yeezy Hats

and Kanye West designed clothing.

Here’s where I start having mixed feelings about Yeezy’s Season 2 Line.

What I DO like about this line are the FLESH TONES. No matter what shade, these flesh tones give such a “bare-nude earth” appearance. These are some of my favorite colors to wear. Kanye finishes each look with layers, giving each model a versatile and unique style.


What I DO NOT like about Season 2 is… Well, let’s just say that I 100% agree with these Instagram memes…

FullSizeRender_1          FullSizeRender_3

Season 2 looks like promo for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens that comes out in December.  The only piece from the Season 2 collection that I would wear is probably the Yeezy hat.

But, what was cool was that the premiere was available for LIVE streaming at select theaters worldwide, with Atlanta at the top of its list.


There has been no set release date for the Season 2 line, but Yeezy is preparing everyone to “Boost Up”.


How do you feel about Yeezy’s Season 2 Collection? Take the poll below!

I hope everyone is doing wonderful… Just wanted to send a friendly reminder…

“Progress is progress no matter how small. Sometimes progress is your efforts, not your results.”




I just want to encourage everyone to keep pushing towards your goals. Do something everyday to get you closer! Baby steps!

Good Vibe$!



I love trying new things at home! It’s the best way to have some fun in your spare time while learning a new skill! I came across this photo on OPI’s Instagram account with a hashtag #TutorialTuesday!


It’s such an elegant marble nail design! OPI offers a tutorial on how to do this classic look! Check it out HERE! So I decided to give it a try myself!


Not too bad for my first try! What I like about this design is that the lines do not have to be exactly straight. You can freestyle or remix this marble design any way you like! I decided to try the natural pink color instead of the white marble. This is a beginners design so anyone can do this! This was a lot of fun and it only took about 10 minutes to complete both hands!


Give it a try! Tag me in your photos on Instagram or Twitter @BlakeNolani! Let me know how this turns out for you!

I came across this image on Tumblr and I thought this was a neat idea.


The GVLDen lights along with the white sheets make this bed look absolutely HEAVENLY! The cool thing about it is that it doesn’t seem that hard to set up.

The light is the E3 Motion Activated Bedlight. It’s an ambient LED light with automatic shut off.

This under-lit bed looks absolutely dreamy! Would you try? I definitely would try this to give my room a new and unique element.



One celebrity that continues to catch my attention is Ciara.

Check out this black and GVLD Alexandre Vauthier outfit she wore to the VMAs!


I am in love with the pleated covering shawl over the form fitting dress. The gold colors on the sides give the dress a nice pop of elegant color. And the shoes? Yes, straps are back! This look is complete with a simple middle part Bob Hairstyle. The Bob is perfect with this look because the hair does not take away the attention from the dress. Let’s just say, slayyyyyed! Ciara has been serving up much fierceness lately and I love it! Keep your eye on this fashion princess.   😉


So the summertime move was most definitely Box Braids.

I usually do these in the summer to give myself a break from doing my hair. Box Braids are a great protective style. This eliminates the everyday wear and tear that we may give our hair.



Braids always help my hair grow a very noticeable length. The key is to keep your box braids oiled.  I love using  Claudis St. James Braid Oil. You can buy this at any beauty supply store. This product is “old school”, but it works. It leaves my braids nice, shiny, and moisturized. The product can be a little oily, so I don’t use too much. I also use Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil in between the parts of my box braids. Any spray version of a leave in conditioner is also very good to use with this style.



I overall LOVE Box Braids during the summer! I also accent them by wearing classic GVLD hoop earrings and decking them out with the GVLD braid jewelry. I got the braid jewelry for $0.99 at a beauty supply store. I hope you’ve gotten the chance to try them, if not, do so! You’ll love it!



Where do I start?

Okay, so Labor Day weekend is one of the BIGGEST weekends in ATLANTA! There are so many events going on around the city.


(Photo via @Dragoncon) — @501stLeigon dressed as storm troopers invading the streets of Atlanta

  1. 1. Dragoncon
  2. 2. PRIDE Weekend
  3. 3. Chris Brown’s One Hell of a Night Tour
  4. 4. The Affordable Old School Concert Series
  5. 5. Fool’s Gold Day Off Music Festival
  6. 6. Midtown Restaurant Week


With it being “Luda Day Weekend” in the A, you know the clubs are going to be packed and full of celebrities.

Here’s where they’ll be: