I have definitely been wanting to cut my hair recently. Just tired of wearing weaves all of the time. I have shoulder length hair, and it’s pretty much been the same length my whole life! I just want something new, mature, and fresh. Here are a few looks…

Are you ready!? Here are a few concerts that I’m super excited about. Definitely want to try to make it to all of these!

Kid Cudi is one of my favorite artists. When he released “Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin” I was excited. It was mainly because it had been a while since I’ve heard some dope lyrics and “hums” from this guy! But the last time I saw Cudi was on February 15th at the Tabernacle in ATL. This year he’s coming again on October 14th to the Coca Cola Roxy.

Over the past week I’ve been listening to 6lack, even though I downloaded his album right when it came out last year. But the album really gives a “chill, foggy” vibe, which is exactly the style of music I love to listen to. His music is dope and definitely would like to catch him on his tour.

I have absolutely nothing to say, but just look at this line up. I have to make it to LA…

Where are you spending your Saturday?
Well, I’m not at this place in the picture, but I would sure love to be. During my mornings I love to find quiet time to think, spend time with God, organize my life and thoughts 💭. This would just be a bomb place to do this! Take time today to journal to see where God leads you. Or even if it’s just some quiet time to yourself, you deserve it. 
Take care guys,

Hey everyone!

This video is dedicated to my mom… I lost her in 2012 due to cancer and she’s always motivated me to never give up my love for fitness…

I’m starting a fitness vlog! I’m so excited to share details about how I lost 45-50 lbs in 2 months! I know I’m not perfect. My goal is to bring you an imperfect, real life video, unlike most youtube tutorials, reviews, etc. I’m just a normal girl who enjoys beauty and fitness.

I hope this vlog helps you in your fitness journey!

If you have any questions about fitness, hair, etc…. please leave them below!

***Positive vibes only***

Music by: Lex Qu

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Just wanted to show you all how I wear one of my favorite wigs! The wig I will be using is “Scarlett” by Equal.

Going over the braid down, how to put the wig on, and how to do the baby hair edges.

*****music by @lex.qu (Lex Qu Beats)*****

Products used:
Equal Lace Scarlett
Length: 18-22 inches
Cost: About $40-$50
Elasta QP Super Grow Hair Strengthener and Scalp Treatment
Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel
Pump It Up Gold Styling Spritz Super Hold